Anastasija Olescuka

Anastasija is a dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher and artistic director of CLASHcph, originally from Latvia, currently based in Denmark. Along with her dancing Anastasija has a bachelor degree in sociology from the University of Latvia and education in urban dance at Hotstepper.

Some of the recent productions Anastasija has been dancing in:
AW18 Elaine Hersby Fashionweek
Nødeknakkeren and Gådens Hådreste Hævn theatre by Steen Koerner
Det Sidste Show theatre by Robot Boys
Shows with Freestyle Phanatix in Denmark and Sweden
Kari Traa Commercial, choreographer Toniah Pedersen
Weave in Weave out with Grounded View, Ladies of Hip Hop, Alvin Ailey theatre
WOD Denmark

Anastasija took 2nd place at Hip Hop Games World Finals 2017 in France. Throughout years she has been participating in national and international battles, won SDK Baltic in Female hip hop category in 2011, Urban Dance 2vs2 and etc.

As a member of CLASHcph she works passionately for community by organising activities and annual CLASHcph Urban Dance Festival, which in past years has been building bridges between generations, styles, countries and traditions, the same time nurturing the local community with knowledge and valuable experience.

At the moment she is working on a theatre production PLAYGROUND in collaboration with Royal Opera Musicians. The piece will be shown during subUrban Festival in 2018 in Copenhagen.
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